Coming Soon...Rewaxation Candle Company!

We are very excited to announce our new store and new products!  Rewaxation Candle Company is so excited to begin this adventure.  Our story begins with us finding a hobby that turned into a passion and an obsession...we are a bit crazy about candles!  We were the average couple in the middle of Covid-19 quarantine and I thought what about making our own candles, that should be fun right?  That should be easy enough...this is where I laugh out loud!  This whole hobby snowballed and continued into finding the best fragrances that would smell up the whole house and the best wax to make the most fabulous candles! Then we thought about the vessels that we would put these candles into, then my daughter said "you know, there are cement vessels that you can make and then put a candle in them!" Well, needless to say, this was what we did.  We took the long journey of watching every video we could, read every instructional items we could find and tried making our own vessels for our candles.  

We soon found out that they were looking pretty great and we were pretty excited to take a journey of starting our own business to sell these creations!  I have to admit that I feel as if each one is my child and it is very hard to want to sell them but, I do feel that they should be shared and loved.  I do really hope that you try one and I really hope that you love them as much as I do!




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