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Drop In Candles

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Our drop in candles/ refills are separate from our vessels, this gives you the freedom to choose your scent and vessel separately for a more customized candle.  

Our candles are made of Coconut-Soy and Beeswax blend. They are fragranced with the highest quality perfume quality scents that are amazing!  Each candle scent is complex and filled with essential oils and complex premium aromas to amaze your senses!  We have picked only the BEST for our candles and could not be more proud of our scent choices!

We know you will be hooked once you try one! Here is the way to make your own custom candle:

1. first choose your candle vessel then...

2. pick your drop-in candle/ refill to put in the vessel...and choose as many refills as you want to use it over and over!

3. place your candle refill inside your vessel and light is that easy!  ENJOY!


1. Choose a refill for your candle vessel that you already purchased from Rewaxation previously!

We are super excited to reuse the jars/vessels and to reduce packaging...please recycle your cartons so we are all doing our part, this is what REWAXATION is all about!

**Remember these refills are made to put in the 8 oz cement jar/ cannot burn these in the paper containers, that could be a BIG MESS and very dangerous.